Introducing VisiShred and the Video Certificate of Destruction

It is common practice for data destruction companies to provide their customers with a Certificate of Destruction when they receive their customers' assets to be destroyed. Unfortunately for the customers, the certificate only represents a transfer of goods and services and does not actually provide any adequate, legal evidence that a device was properly destroyed. This can become problematic when a company is facing internal or external audits. Put simply, today's standard for a Certificate of Destruction has become obsolete.

VisiShred is Akooba's solution for modernizing the Certificate of Destruction. VisiShred sets a new standard for the industry, going above and beyond all current and pending regulatory requirements. VisiShred features:

  • High-definition videos of individual and uniquely-identified assets as they are destroyed.
  • The Video Certificate of Destruction that provides customers with chain of custody evidence and compliance reporting data.
  • A highly sophisticated, yet easy to use customer web portal.
  • A simplified process that makes data destruction easy for all types of businesses.