Discover the four phases of VisiShred

We've broken down our VisiShred process into four simple phases that make it easy for service providers to track their customers' data assets before they are destroyed.

Step 1: Registration

  • Groups of data-storing assets are separated into batches of 25 assets and registered to the VisiShred web portal.
  • Details of the devices, including their serial numbers and asset tags, are recorded and processed into the system.
  • Unique labels for each device are printed and applied in order to identify each asset within the system.

Need help? The registration process can either be performed by the customer or on-site by a service provider employee.

Step 2: Validation

  • Devices are transferred to a mobile shredder or data destruction facility within a lockable tote.
  • When the batches arrive, each device is scanned to ensure that all registered assets were received. This can be verified through the customer portal.

Step 3: Destruction

  • For mobile shredders, each device is placed on the VisiShred platform and scanned before entering the shredder.
  • If the shredder is equipped with a conveyor belt, a mounted scanner automatically scans for each label applied to the assets.
  • The final scan alerts the high-definition camera to automatically record each device as it is shredded and destroyed.

Step 4: Verification

  • A short video of the destruction of each device is automatically uploaded into the service provider's private portal and made available to their customers.
  • All videos are automatically archived and can be easily accessed through a web portal, where a user can verify the destruction of each device as well as share each video with third parties.